Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wren: First Kiss

20 strangers kissing for the first time in front of a camera. This short film from L.A. fashion brand Wren, got over 22.000.000 views on YouTube in just 2 days. The 20 strangers where hesitant at first, they felt awkward but when they started to kiss it all changed. Director Tatia Pilieva managed to make a touching film that went viral because the majority of the people just saw the transformative power of a kiss. They believed in the "strangers kissing story".

The reality is that these strangers are not common people but professional performers. Slate says:
"The cast includes models Natalia Bonifacci, Ingrid Schram, and Langley Fox (daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway and sister of model Dree); musicians Z Berg of The Like, Damian Kulash of OK Go, Justin Kennedy of Army Navy, singer Nicole Simone, and singer-actress Soko (who also performed the melancholy indie music that accompanies the short); and actors Karim Saleh, Matthew Carey, Jill Larson, Corby Griesenbeck, Elisabetta Tedla, Luke Cook, and Marianna Palka." 

Knowing this ruins the feelings you get out of the film but I guess only people in advertising will know.


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